Friday, November 3, 2017

Parties of Hate, Anger and Blame cry for a new party

Our current political parties are both heavily involved with the spreading of hatred, anger, lies, and personal attacks.  The Parties lack of faith in Democracy is best exemplified by the sources of money running our elections.  Money decides the candidates and then we get to vote for the richest ones. Those that give the money are only concerned about their own specific issues, that are frequently at odds with those doing the actual voting

I would suggest a new party embracing the values of honesty, transparency, personal integrity and compromise. The platform would be flexible and allow votes on either side of the isle.  Issues to hold dear would be:

1.      Acting in the interests of our children and grandchildren, to not saddle them with huge
amounts of debt in the form of the deficit and college loans.
2.  Actually fixing Social Security and Medicare now before it gets more expensive.
3.   Taking climate change as a serious matter.

4.      Providing quality health care to everyone, (not necessarily insurance). 

5      Taking campaign contributions only from voters that have registered and are able to vote for the candidate.

6      Refraining from negative personal attacks on their opponents.  Attacks should only  be on the issues.

7.      Remembering that taxing, spending, and compromise are what politicians are supposed to do.

8.      Focus on uniting the county by embracing diversity.

We will only be able to affect change when we stop blaming others for our situation and accept the responsibility that we are making matters worse by enjoying the hatred and anger that permeates our society.

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