Thursday, November 17, 2016

Outsiders control our elections!

I’m hoping that now that all the media companies have booked their campaign revenues, that they might do some honest reporting about why both Trump and Sanders did so well.  We as citizens are tired of the Parties and Media telling us what to think.  We are aware that the politicians are representing the special interests as presented by their parties to the detriment of the United States.  These interests that hold power in this country think they can hold on to it only by spreading hate, lies, and division.  The special interests are picking our candidates by contributions, not giving the ordinary citizen a voice due to a lack of money.  They then come in from out of town and tell us how terrible all our choices are.   We are outraged when Russia tampers with our election, but accept as ordinary when California and Washington DC tampers with our Minnesota elections. It’s been a long held American value to mind our own business and stay away from our neighbors business, we need to renew this American Value.  We need to regain control of our corrupt political process and talk about campaign finance reform.  A Constitutional Amendment reading:  Notwithstanding the first amendment, all efforts to influence elections are limited to those able to vote in said election.  This may return our parties to shepherding legislation and our lobbyists to advising about issues.  Let’s get both these groups out of our local campaigns.