Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Change isn't going to Happen

With our candidates chosen, it has become clear that the conservatives have taken over this country.  By conservative, I mean those resistant to change, not that strange creature created by the media, (“screw you, I’ve got mine”).  We are given one candidate who brags about buying politicians and another who has accepted millions from special interests and explains that it has no effect on her!  I believe the media is largely responsible for this state of affairs.  With revenues going down, the mainstream media has accepted the internet’s click bait tactics  for hateful headlines leading to non-existent news.  The Media is so worried about losing the ten billion dollars plus of campaign revenue that they totally ignore campaign finance reform; the reason both Trump and Sanders have attracted millions of followers.  As a country we will be subject to another four years of the GOP investigating Hillary for crimes that only exist in their minds.  We will also see a continuation of the GOP stopping every proposal to solve the country’s problems,(while proposing virtually nothing), and then blaming the Democrats for a country that doesn’t work.   What is obvious, is that big money is the only thing that counts in politics. Intelligence certainly doesn't.