Monday, June 4, 2012

How Stupid are we?

The upcoming election will be a good test of just how stupid the American People are.  Have we really drunk the Kool Aid from the “Big Money” lobbies, or do we know how to think for ourselves?  In an effort to keep the status quo, we have been fed a large number of emotional issues that have very little effect on our personal lives, but fuel the anger that hides reason.

Do we really believe that getting rid of thousands of government workers will lower unemployment?  Do we think that the President can do anything meaningful to jump start the economy?   Do we really think that we can substantially reduce the deficit by cutting discretionary spending and not raising taxes?  Do we think that politicians that pledge not to cut taxes don’t force others to raise taxes? 

We really don’t understand how insurance works when we talk about Social Security as a savings account rather than an insurance reserve.  We’ve had private accounts since 1974 (called IRA’s).  If we really believe that universal health care is a human right (50 states have passed laws providing for universal emergency room coverage) then why do we let insurance companies take 15% or more of every health care dollar?  I’d very much like to learn how we can have “for profit health care” and not raise prices, increase treatments while ignoring cures, or hope for more sick people!

Does anyone actually believe that the government could even try to take anyone’s guns away?  Why do some think that making abortion illegal will stop them from happening?  Of course all the efforts put into making teaching a less than honorable profession will make it easier to pull the wool over the eyes of a lot of future voters. 

If politicians spent more time on what they have done and were planning on doing, rather than lying about their opponents, we could see more clearly.  We have to remember that when the politicians have raised millions of dollars, those millions are all going to the media to buy TV, print & radio coverage.  Getting the big money out of politics will not be done by either the politicians or the media. 

We could get the big money out of politics by passing a constitutional amendment:"Notwithstanding the First Amendment, efforts to influence elections to public office in the United States and its; subdivisions shall be limited to those who are able to vote in said election.  Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation."