Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Corruption is Rife in the House

If anyone has any doubts about the corruption of Congress by the wealthy they only have to look at the House’s recent repeal of the estate tax.  This tax is only applied to singles with a net worth over 5 million and couples over 10 million and is only due at the second death.  I would suggest that taxes are a necessary evil of civilization and that the best of all taxpayers are those that are both wealthy and dead.  This is a tax that dates back to at least the middle ages, and has proven to be very efficient down through the ages.
  The excuse that these people have worked hard for their money is in many cases true.  That their children shouldn’t have to work for their money somehow lacks in logic. This tax captures the capital gains that haven’t been paid and are next to impossible to calculate over a person’s lifetime.  The argument that the tax closes down many small business’s due to their inability to pay does not hold up to scrutiny.  The nonpartisan Tax Policy Center estimates that only 120 farms and small business, where at least half the assets are in farm or business assets, had to pay the estate tax in 2013.”[1]  I would suggest that any Congressperson who voted for the repeal is either not paying attention to their job or has been bought by those with big money.  Check out how your representative voted and consider this vote the next time you are able to vote for them.

[1] Glenn Kessler, Washington Post Fact Checker April 14, 2015