Monday, July 4, 2016

In Spite of our Faces

As I continue to watch a large number of people in the world cut off their noses in spite of their face, I wonder why?  At first I believed it was just the 50% of the population that is below average intelligence being catered to by the press and political parties. Then I transitioned into thinking it was a belief that all politicians are liars and that it follows that the best liar would make the best politician.  I am getting more inclined to think that it is an attempt by both the politicians and media to divert attention from the real issues facing us in order to remain holding the strings of power.  The banks have convinced us that everyone has to be in debt in order for the economy to run.  The insurance companies have convinced us they are necessary to pay for our health care.  The lawyers have convinced us that it is necessary to sue in order to get justice.  The gun industry has convinced us that someone could possibly take our guns away.  The Chamber of Commerce has convinced us that minimum wage would hurt the economy and higher personal taxes would cause less hiring. 

These beliefs have turned into “truths” in order to create fear and anger so that the status quo can be maintained by the current gridlock.  Because we are resistant to change, many fear it and try their best to stop changes which may be inevitable.  Name calling is the way to media access, not position papers.  Fear and anger are necessary to block logic from minds.  I don’t see any solution until we can all accept the blame for giving our political power to the special interest groups, political parties included, and return it to our locally elected representatives.