Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Constitution is clear about this.

There are many parts of our Constitution that can be interpreted in more than one way.  One part that isn’t argued is that the people we elect represent those in the geographic area they live in.  Two Senators per state, one House Representative for every so many citizens living in a defined geographic district.  The political establishment, which I define as those involved in the business of campaign finance, (giving, receiving, raising, spending) are doing everything in their power to ignore this basic tenant of our form of government.  It is to the establishments benefit to be able to receive and spend money in manners that transcend these borders and as we all know, the more they can raise the more they can spend. 

We citizens have powered this process along with our realization that our special interest groups can get better action on our political concerns than our congressperson can.  The special interests can get to the committee members and target specific politicians that control their interests.  Our representative, if he is not on the committee, has very limited ability to address concerns.  This has led our representatives to represent our special interest groups rather than ourselves.  Obviously those groups with the most money will get the best representation.  This leads to the corruption that is represented by such actions as America’s Health Insurance Plans both writing and fighting Obamacare, the bankers eliminating Glass-Steagall leading to the 07 recession and their bailout, and I am sure you can think of many others.

The addiction of the establishment to this campaign gravy train is such that they are seemingly conspiring with each other to maintain the status quo.  The horror that both parties show to their “independent” candidates just goes to show the draw of all that money.  They hide behind the First Amendment, fear, lies , personal attacks, stupidity and ignorance to provoke a divide and conquer atmosphere. This effectively hides the real issues by keeping everyone on a war footing that makes change too fearful to examine.

The interventions that both Bernie and Donald offer do little more than point out the problem.  No one person can get rid of this corrupt government that we are suffering.  It will take the efforts of all of us.  I would offer the idea of a Constitutional Amendment reading:  “Notwithstanding the first amendment, efforts to influence elections for office shall be limited to those able to vote in said election.”  If we only support politicians that will support such an amendment we might be able to clean things up.