Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Democrats won't get it!

While I didn’t vote for Mr. Trump, I feel that many Democrats still “just don’t get it”.  I have no doubt that most of his voters could not stand the thought of the Lincoln bedroom and pardons going up for sale again, along with another four years of stupid high profile congressional investigations into questionable actions on the Clintons’ part.  Thanks to the press coverage, many of those that voted for Mr. Trump didn’t think he had a chance of winning.  I am hoping that as people wake up to the fact that Mr. Trump has conned us with the standard con: “I’ll screw the other guy to give you a great deal” they will realize it isn’t just Mr. Trump who has conned us.  By turning the electoral process into a personality contest, those in power are desperate to not only hold onto the power they have but to gain more.   They do this by name calling and focusing on emotional issues that aren’t going to be solved by anyone.  Meanwhile, the banks are able to rip off people and get paid big bonus’s to do it,  the health insurance companies can continue to rip us off, and the earth continues to heat up.  Could it possibly be due to campaign contributions?  The media won’t touch campaign finance reform because they may go broke without all those campaign dollars flowing in. 

We need to stop putting Democrat/Republican first and begin to think of what’s best for America.   To do this we need to put ideas ahead of personalities.  Good people have bad ideas as well as bad people having good ideas.  To move forward we have to discuss the ideas, not the people.