Friday, September 6, 2013

Many of us would agree that the current US political system is rife with corruption.  Unfortunately we seem to spend our time blaming someone else for this situation.  When it is impossible to win a debate with logic, the only way left is with insults and name calling.  What we need to realize is that we are all at fault for our current state because we have delegated our personal power to our special interest groups.  Interest groups, like all organisms have a first priority for survival.  This survival instinct leads to the propagation of lies, that when told often enough get to be believed.  As long as these lies are propagated, we have no opportunity to use reason to solve problems for the nation as a whole because the “experts” in the field are telling us crap that will keep them comfortable and in power.  Consider:

1.     Who is going to take your gun away?  We are told it is the President!  I want to know who will come to your door and ask to have your gun?  The only people willing to take this job will be suicidal psychopaths.

2.     Because emergency rooms are forced to treat anyone that walks in, we already have universal health insurance coverage.  It is the most expensive form of health coverage that guarantees that this well paid part of our economy will continue to grow.

3.     The business of “business” is not to make money.  The business of “business” is to provide goods and services to the population. 

4.     When taxes go up on the rich, they tend to look for additional tax deductions.  Because all job creation expenses, that I am aware of, are tax deductible it isn’t logical that raising taxes on the rich stymies job growth.

5.     Jews, Christians, and Muslims all worship the same God, they just do it differently.  So many “believers” have obviously never read the scriptures, but rely on their “teachers” that are more concerned with this world than the next.  The Quran forbids suicide, killing of innocents, and other believers.  It also affirms Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, which neither Muslims or Christians seem to follow in great numbers.

6.     The media is kept profitable by making us believe that one side would be buying Cadillac cars for our welfare recipients and the other believes that “I’ve got mine, screw you”.

7.     Getting angry about an issue isn’t a good thing.  Good decisions are seldom made in anger.

Our founding fathers created our Constitution based on a geographic democracy.  Until relatively recently our elected representatives were beholden to those who voted them in.  They are now beholden to those who fund them.  We have a system that allows a foreigner to give any size gift to any American without the recipient having to report the gift, if it stays overseas, and only report the earnings on the gift (no earnings, no report).  It is also now possible for a foreigner to buy or form a US corporation that can then donate to any campaign it wants.  I’ve heard surprise, not that it was possible to buy a representative, but that it could be done cheaply.  This state of affairs has turned many issues that should be local into national issues that are nothing but divisive.  For example, gun control in Idaho makes no sense but in the large inner cities it is a different matter.

It used to be that lobbyists were available to advise on issues and Parties were a means for the parliamentary process to  be efficient.  They are now concerned with election funding.  Because of the power this builds, the people involved are much more concerned about keeping that power than exercising it for the benefit of the country.  

I believe we need an “American Spring” that guts the electoral power of the interest groups, including the political parties by passing a constitutional amendment limiting the support or opposition to election campaigns to those able to vote in the election.  This can only be accomplished from a grass roots level as there will be a large fight against this by all those who stand to lose power.  Many good people are staying out of politics because of the funding available to opponents if they take a stand that doesn’t sit well with one group or another.  Some bad people are getting into politics because of the funding available to them when they assert certain positions.  This is not the way the country is supposed to work.  I hope that we can change it.