Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Hiring Politicians

It’s a shame that both political parties have adopted a “Divide and Conquer” attitude towards attaining power.  History has proven that a “unite and prosper” philosophy is much better for the nation.  The media seems to revel in this fray as they have the liberals convinced that conservatives believe in “I’ve got mine, screw you”,  and the conservatives convinced that liberals only want to expand government giveaways.    Those who have not partaken of either the red or the blue cool-aid tune out politics in order to lead a life not driven by negatives.

We should remember that election campaigns are a republic’s method of employment interviews.  We generally don’t hire people who badmouth the employer.  We also avoid hiring employees that spend their interview blaming others and calling them names.  We do hire those that talk about what they are going to do to bring value and also have a track record of doing what they say.  The job description of representative includes taxing, spending, and compromising.  Those that claim they will not partake in one or more of these activities should not be considered as a serious candidate.    We can only get rid of all this negativity if we as voters don’t fall for it.  America has always been about working with those that are different from us.  We can better solve problems if we look at them from several viewpoints and this won’t happen until we listen to each other again.  This will happen only if we replace that single issue that’s important to us with a look at the real integrity of the candidate.  Please vote with wisdom and not anger.