Thursday, April 12, 2012

I'm Outraged

I have tried to ignore the divide and conquer tactics of our politicians but find myself more and more outraged. I am outraged that my freedom of religion is under attack by people trying to pass laws that state when life begins. I am outraged by Christians being upset when I wish them Happy Holidays, am I to know they’re not Jewish, Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist? Did I try to insult them with this? My religious freedom is challenged when I have to sit through others prayers in a public space. I am outraged that religious zealots can’t tell the difference between secular and sacred and try to deny committed couples the same rights to pursue secular happiness that heterosexual couples can freely enjoy. I am outraged that a nation founded on religious freedom should be called a Christian nation. Much of America’s foreign policy for the last decades has been trying to stop nations from adopting Sharia law because of it’s obvious problems for freedom and democracy. Why are we trying to adopt “Christian” law? I am outraged by politicians whose main motivation is holding power. I am outraged that I may not be able to vote if I shave off my beard. I am outraged that ugly personal attacks have taken the place of reasoned debate. I am outraged when American citizens patriotism is questioned because they hold beliefs that are not common. I am outraged that lobbyists are writing laws and seemingly running the country. America became great because of its diversity and acceptance of new ideas and people. It’s time to stop thinking that we know the TRUTH and begin to listen to others and use logic again.