Monday, May 2, 2011

Gay Marriage

The hypocrisy of many of our “Christian Patriots” continues to amaze me. Not only do they ignore our constitutional provision about no established religion in the United States, they ignore the Christian teachings about “judging not lest you be judged” and “throwing the first stone”. Marriage is always a secular event involving government licenses, tax and employee benefits. The fact that it is usually a religious event shouldn’t cause us to confuse the two. If all men are created equal, shouldn’t all men and women have equal rights to the tax benefits of marriage? When will our legislators realize that their belief about “between a man and a woman” is a religious belief when even they refer to this as a “sacred belief”. “Rendering on to Caesar that which is Caesars” separates taxes from religion. Have these people so little faith in the Lord that they believe they must make judgments that the Lord has reserved for Judgment Day? This effort to codify religion in law is very similar to the Taliban’s effort to impose Sharia Law and should be treated the same.