Monday, June 5, 2017

Buggy Whips forever

It looks like the “Buggy Whip” lobby has taken over this country.  Just as the buggy whip manufacturers put all their effort against the auto industry, the status quo lobbies have won.  Leaving the Paris accords works for coal and petroleum companies.  Funding the health insurance companies keeps them profitable while they cry to Congress. It’s been said that if we had today’s healthcare in the 1950’s we’d have designer iron lungs as a major industry.  We have to stop overlooking the lies that our lobbyists tell, while ranting against the lies the other guys lobbyists are telling.  Hypocrisy seems to be a virtue in that we all seem to support our politicians that continue to lie and change positions.  It’s ok for me in Minnesota to influence an election in Montana, but not ok for the Russians to influence elections in the US.  I fail to see the difference.  Each action takes power away from the voters and gives it to the lobbyists. Until we get campaign finance reform, I’m afraid we are going to forestall the future and maybe go to a past of robber barons, rip offs, and pollution. The corruption of power is in how it spends more time keeping power then using it for the public good.

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